MA with a Major in Abrahamic Studies

Degree Details

The MA with a major in Abrahamic Studies prepares students to work in the Abrahamic worlds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through gaining an understanding of the basic concepts and theories of these global cultures. Students will  acquire language essentials for the study of the Abrahamic traditions; learn to discern the points of intersection among these faiths; and will be able to serve cross-culturally in and with Abrahamic communities and organizations based on respectful understanding of their beliefs and practices, and engendering humanitarian contributions to local and global cultural goals.

Students must complete the general core requirements (15 credit hours) and concentration specific requirements (21 credit hours) to complete this 36 credit graduate degree. Students may choose between a concentration in Islamic Worldviews and a student crafted concentration in Abrahamic Worldviews.

Persons interested in this program should apply for Graduate Admission to Dallas International.  If previously enrolled at Dallas International in anything other than “graduate admission status”, you will need to change your admission status.


Prior to admission to the program, students must complete the following prerequisite requirements.

AC4305 Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures

AC4306 Introduction to the Greek Scriptures

*Students may petition to waive these prerequisite requirements it they have taken equivalent courses elsewhere.  Courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

General Core Requirements

Courses Hours
Abrahamic Language (6 credits)

AC5315 Abrahamic Monotheism 3
AC5319 Abrahamic Messianism 3
AA5321 Multicultural Teamwork OR AC5321 Abrahamic Community Internship 3
Total core hours 15

*Arabic 1, Arabic 2, and Arabic 3 are required for the Islamic Worldviews concentration.

Degree Concentrations

The following are the requirements for the Islamic Worldviews Concentration with a thesis or non-thesis option.  Note that Arabic 1 and 2 are the required language in the core course requirements.

Islamic Worldviews Concentration specific courses: Hours
AC5310 Core Components of Islam 3
AC5316 Dynamics of Contextualization 3
AC5318 Understanding the Qur’an 3
AC5312 Islam in the 21st Century  OR
AC5314 Modern Islamic Religious and Political Movements
One approved elective in Islamic Studies 3
Thesis/Non-thesis options 6
Non-thesis option (comprehensive exam)
     2 Electives (6 hours)
Thesis option
     Thesis (6 hours)
Total concentration hours 21

The following are the requirements for the Student crafted concentration in Abrahamic Worldviews with a thesis or non-thesis option.  For this concentration, the student will work with their advisor to design a concentration in Abrahamic worldviews based upon his/her needs or goals.  Each program is subject to approval by the Abraham Center.

Student Crafted Concentration courses: Hours
Five approved courses in Abrahamic studies 15
Thesis/Non-thesis options 6
Non-thesis option (comprehensive exam)
Two Electives (6 hours)
Thesis option
       Thesis (6 hours)
Total concentration hours 21