Abraham Center Degrees & Programs

MA with Major in Abrahamic Studies

The MA with a major in Abrahamic Studies prepares students to serve cross-culturally in and with the Abrahamic communities of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Concentrations: Islamic Worldviews or Abrahamic Worldviews (student crafted)

Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies

This 15 credit certificate program prepares students to comprehend 21st century Islamic thought and practices by providing a basic understanding of Islamic cultures, history, and religion.

Programs offered in Partnership with other Departments

Concentration in Islamic Worldviews (in the MA with a major in Language & Culture Studies)

The MA with a major in Language & Culture Studies prepares students to work as specialists in their field across language and culture boundaries.  With the concentration in Islamic Worldviews, our graduates focus on Islamic cultures and their social, political, and religious worldview.  This degree is offered in partnership with Dallas International’s Applied Anthropology department.

Concentration in Arts & Islam (in the MA with a major in World Arts)

The Abraham Center teams up with the Center for Excellence in World arts to provide a World Arts major with a concentration in Arts & Islam.  This degree program combines these topics for students interested in both Islamic studies and World Arts.