If you do not see the form you need or are not sure which form you need, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our DIU forms page to view all available forms. Note: Fill-in forms may have to be downloaded and opened in Adobe Reader to be fillable.


Registrar forms


Please return completed forms to the DIU Registrar (Registrar@diu.edu)

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3110-01cDIU Dispute Filing/Resolution02-15-2019
3130-01cTranscript Request Form12-07-2018
3130-02cStudent Change Permit03-20-2020
3130-03cEnrollment Verification Request12-07-2018
3130-04cName or Address Change Form12-13-2018
3130-08cPetition to Recognize Credit for the Certificate in Applied Linguistics12-12-2018
3130-11cAudit Permission Form03-20-2020
3130-12cIndependent Study Permission Form03-20-2020
3130-13cLeave of Absence Form12-07-2018
3130-21cFERPA Request to Withhold Directory Information05-22-2019


Other Academic Forms


Please return completed forms to the Academic Dean (Dean-Academic@diu.edu)

Study Plans – IPS Forms

Form NumberNameLast Modified
2210cIntent to Complete a Certificate03-24-2020
2301IPS-MA Applied Linguistics03-20-2020
2351IPS-MA Abrahamic Stds.-Ab.Worldviews01-14-2019
2352IPS-MA Abrahamic Stds.-Islamic Worldviews03-15-2019
2401fIPS-MA-LCS-Islamic Worldviews02-04-2019
2451IPS-MA-WA-Applied Arts03-25-2020
2452IPS-MA-WA-Arts and Islam03-25-2020

Graduation-related Forms

Form NumberNameLast Modified
2231Application for Graduation03-20-2020
2232Graduation Clearance03-20-2020
2250Grad Checklist for MA - Thesis 12-04-2019
2260Grad Checklist for MA - Non-Thesis12-04-2019
2261Application to Schedule Comprehensive Exam03-20-2020
2270Grad Checklist for BA12-04-2019

Thesis-related Forms

Form NumberNameLast Modified
2219DIU Guide for Preparing Theses11-18-2019
2251Approval to Schedule Thesis Defense03-24-2020
2253Thesis Proposal03-24-2020
2255Thesis Publication Permission Form03-24-2020
2302Petition to Write a Thesis03-26-2020

Petition Forms

Form NumberNameLast Modified
2220Academic Petition03-20-2020
2302Petition to Write a Thesis03-26-2020