MA with Major in Applied Linguistics


The MA with a major in Applied Linguistics prepares students for linguistic research, cross-cultural service, or Bible translation – depending on each student’s chosen concentration.  Our courses expose students to hundreds of different languages as they learn to analyze and understand how languages work.  Our graduates have the tools to serve as specialist in their field, many working among minority language communities.

Students must complete the general core requirements (13 credit hours) and concentration specific requirements (24 credit hours) to complete this 37 credit graduate degree.  Concentrations include Bible Translation, Descriptive Linguistics, and Cross-Cultural Service.  For sample plans of study and more information about this degree please see our current catalog.

Persons interested in this program should apply for Graduate Admission to Dallas International.  If previously enrolled at Dallas International in anything other than “graduate admission status”, you will need to change your admission status.


Prior to admission to this degree program, students are required to take the following courses*:

*Students may petition to waive these prerequisite requirements it they have taken equivalent courses elsewhere.  Courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

General Core Requirements

The following are the requirements for the Bible Translation Concentration with a thesis or non-thesis option.

Course Hours
AL5316 Theory and Practice of Translation 3
AL5321 Greek 1 OR
AL5326 Hebrew 1
AL5322 Greek 2 OR
AL5327 Hebrew 2
AL5324 Greek Textual Analysis OR
AL5325 Hebrew Textual Analysis
Thesis/Non-thesis options 12
Non-thesis option (comprehensive exam)
     4 Electives (12 hours)
Thesis option
     2 Electives (6 hours)
     Thesis (6 hours)
Total translation concentration hours 24

The following are the requirements for the Cross-Cultural Service Concentration (non-thesis option only).

Course Hours
AA5373 Religion and Worldview 3
AA5374 Christianity Across Cultures 3
AL5321 Greek 1 OR
AL5326 Hebrew 1**
AL5322 Greek 2 OR
AL5327 Hebrew 2**
Two Missiology courses 6
One Biblical Studies course 3
One Elective 3
Total concentration hours 24

**SWBTS students may transfer up to 6 credit hours of Hebrew or Greek for the language requirement and up to 18 credit hours total for this concentration. See your Dallas International advisor for a current list of pre-approved courses available to program participants. Visit our Seminary Cooperative Programs page for more information about the SWBTS/Dallas International program.

The following are the requirements for the Descriptive Linguistics Concentration with a thesis or non-thesis option.

Course Hours
AL5304 Advanced Phonological Analysis 3
AL5313 Advanced Grammatical Analysis 3
AL5395 Current Issues in Descriptive Linguistics 3
Two other advanced linguistics courses from the list below: 6
AL5311 Relevance Theory
AL5317 Language Documentation
AL5323 Greek Discourse Features
AL5328 Hebrew Discourse Features
AL5394 Readings in Applied Linguistics**
AL5395 Current Issues in Descriptive Linguistics (if taken two terms)
AL5396 Conference Course in Applied Linguistics**
AL5398 Seminar in Applied Linguistics**
Thesis/Non-thesis options 9
Non-thesis option (comprehensive exam)
     3 Electives (9 hours)
Thesis option
     1 Elective (3 hours)
     Thesis (6 hours)
Total Descriptive Linguistics concentration hours 24
**These courses may be taken for the advanced linguistics course requirement if they are a linguistics topic.