New Courses

Fall Term

IS1321 Introduction to Ethnopsychology (Fall) (3 undergraduate credits)

At our core, do all individuals think, feel, and behave in the same ways? How do psychology and culture interact? In this course, we will look at several major concepts in traditional psychology and consider the extent to which they may apply across cultures.

IS1361 Introduction to Statistics (Fall) (3 undergraduate credits)

This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to statistics.  Mathematical concepts basic to an understanding of statistics will be reviewed. Descriptive and inferential statistics and their application to social sciences research will be introduced.

Spring Term

AC4311-OL Communication and Service in Muslim Contexts (Online) (Spring) (3 undergraduate credits)

In light of scriptural and anthropological principles, this course explores the nature, dynamics, scope, challenges, and approaches in appropriate and effective service in Muslim contexts.

IS2322 Psychology of Suffering and Resilience (Spring) (3 undergraduate credits)

Grief and trauma are part of the human condition.  In this course, students will study the psychological impact of suffering and begin to develop their own personal theology of suffering.  They will also discuss the importance of resilience as a building block of successful cross-cultural service.

Summer Term