Below is a list of programs offered at Dallas International with their associated CIP Codes.

Program CIP Code
Certificate in Applied Linguistics 16.0105 Applied Linguistics
Certificate in Scripture Engagement 30.4701 Linguistics and Anthropology
Certificate in Tropical Agriculture Development 01.0701 International Agriculture
Certificate in World Arts 50.0905 Musicology and Ethnomusicology
BA (International Service) 30.2001 International/Global Studies
BA (Scripture and Culture) 39.0201 Bible/Biblical Studies
MA (Abrahamic Studies) 39.9999 Theology and Religious Vocations
MA (Applied Linguistics) 16.0105 Applied Linguistics
MA (Human Migration) 45.1301 Sociology and Anthropology
MA (Language and Culture Studies) 30.4701 Linguistics and Anthropology
MA (Translation Advising) 16.0105 Applied Linguistics
MA (World Arts) 50.0905 Musicology and Ethnomusicology
PhD (World Arts) 50.0905 Musicology and Ethnomusicology