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The Onset Cluster Project

Katherine Bare, Jonathan Bauman, Jack Campbell, Katja Jablonski, Stephen Jay, David Leonardi, Timothy Palmer, Steve Parker, William Payne, Moriah Rose, Jenna Sawyers, Emily Scheie, Lydia Stebbins, Matthew Woods, and Shaiann Wyatt-Murphy.

We present a corpus of 1257 languages reported to contain syllable-initial consonant clusters. These sequences are categorized into combinations of phonological natural classes based on the sonority hierarchy.

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Karl J. Franklin: Loosen Your Tongue: An introduction to Storytelling.
(New version 2010)

Philip M. Jackson and Steve Parker: Are Christians All Wet? A Critical Analysis of the Purpose of Christian Baptism

Robert Guy McKee: Lynchings in modern Kenya and inequitable access to basic resources: A major human rights scandal and one contributing cause

Steve Parker: Lecture Notes and Other Handouts for Introductory Phonology: A Course Packet

Steve Parker: Handouts for Advanced Phonology: A Course Packet

Steve Parker 2002 dissertation: Quantifying the Sonority Hierarchy

Steve Parker: Data for studying postpositions in Chamicuro

Steve Parker: A Bibliography of Resources on Sonority. Originally published in 2014. I plan to update this document periodically. Corrections, additions, and suggestions are welcome. Eventually I hope to also post on this site a version of this same list of resources, arranged thematically (by subtopics). To download the current version of this file, with references arranged alphabetically, click here. Last modified on July 20, 2021.

Kelly Walter: The Eritrean English Curriculum: Grades 2-6 – Assessing Academic Readiness