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Returning Student?

If you’ve already taken classes at Dallas International University, please see our Returning Students page.

Gateway Application

Ideal for non-degree seeking students. Up to 10 credits (usually 3 courses) allowed.

Gateway admission is a quick way to take a few courses (about three courses). All we typically need is an application form and a transcript. Gateway admission status limits you to no more than 10 semester hours of classes at DIU. To take more courses, students must obtain Undergraduate or Graduate admission to DIU.

Undergraduate Application

Ideal for students who have not yet completed a Bachelor's Degree.

Apply for undergraduate admission if you are interested a Bachelor of Arts or an Undergraduate Certificate (Applied Linguistics, Biblical Studies, or Sign Language Linguistics). With this application you can take any undergraduate courses and petition to take up to 9 semester hours of graduate courses.

Dual Enrollment Application

For high schoolers who want to earn college credit.

Apply to become a dual enrollment student and take courses that count toward your high school diploma and earn you college credit. Courses are fully accredited and transferrable to other accredited institutions.

Graduate Application

Ideal for students who have completed at least a Bachelor's degree.

Graduate Admission is required for students interested in any of our Graduate programs or Graduate Certificates.
Many students apply for graduate admission even if they will start their program with undergraduate prerequisite courses.

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