Undergraduate Admission


The undergraduate application form can be completed online in just a few minutes. Once the application form has been submitted, you should proceed through the steps at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to view steps. Apply now

Applicants interested in completing their BA at Dallas International, pursuing the Certificate in Applied Linguistics, or just taking some undergraduate-level classes should apply for Undergraduate Admission. After being accepted to Dallas International, undergraduate students are also permitted to take up to 6 credit hours of graduate level courses.

Students coming to Dallas International to complete their BA degree should plan on starting classes in August. A January start date may be possible, but must be agreed on by both the Director of the College of International Studies and the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Unless otherwise noted in the document instructions, please address all submitted application items/documents to:

Dallas International Admissions
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
Dallas TX 75236

or, if sent via email, to admissions@diu.edu.

Items submitted in support of a Dallas International application are non-returnable.

1. Pay your application Fee

Your non-refundable application fee can be paid by mail or online.

To pay by check:
Send payment to Dallas International Admissions, 7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75236 .

To pay online:
Click to pay your application fee online through PayPal.

Application Fee: $50

Admission Fee
Domestic $50.00 USD

Application Fee plus Visa Processing Fee (International Students): $100

Admission Fee
International $100.00 USD

2. Send us your transcripts

Dallas International requires official copies of all previous academic transcripts showing classes completed, grades attained, and degree(s) (or diploma) granted:

  • high school transcript
  • any previous undergraduate-level classes
  • CLEP, DSST, ACE, and/or Advanced Placement program transcripts

Transcripts should come directly to Dallas International from the school/agency itself or be in an unopened, signed and sealed envelope which you received directly from the school.

Electronic transcripts sent by the school are acceptable as long as the school recognizes them as official. If using regular mail instead, institutions should direct transcripts to Dallas International Admissions, 7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX  75236.

Foreign transcripts: Academic records from outside the United States should be sent to both Dallas International and to the Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), the school record evaluation service that Dallas International recommends, to verify U.S. equivalency of courses taken and grades and degrees received.  Dallas International requires a “course-by-course evaluation.”  If you go to ECE’s website, click “Apply Now,” select your country, and then “List of required documents,” you will see which school records to submit and how to submit them to ECE.

Transfer of undergraduate credits: Students seeking an undergraduate degree at Dallas International may petition to transfer a maximum of 54 undergraduate semester hours of credit from other institutions. Each of the classes considered for transfer must have a minimum grade of C (2.00 grade points per credit) to be accepted for transfer to Dallas International.

These 54 undergraduate semester credits must be transferred from regionally accredited institutions of higher education institution or from institutions accredited by the American Theological Society (ATS) or the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

Dallas International will consider transfer credit directly from schools with other accreditation or from the College Level Exam Program (CLEP), Prometric (DSST Program), or the College Board (Advanced Placement exam program).  Official agency transcripts showing tests taken and scores received are required.  Dallas International school code for CLEP is CLEP06532 and for DSST is 9475.

Dallas International reserves the right to make the final determination of transfer credit acceptability.

3. Send us your SAT (ACT) Scores

Contact the College Board (SAT) and/or ACT.org to request that scores sent to Dallas International Admissions. Contact admissions@diu.edu with any questions.

4. Have three non-family members submit a reference form

Dallas International admission requires 3 academic/character references from non-family members. Have each individual fill out this reference form and send it to us (following the instructions on the form).

5. Complete a written statement of purpose

Why do you want to study at Dallas International? Send us (via email or snail mail) a written statement of purpose.  Many applicants complete this requirement with a paragraph or two.

6. Additional requirements for applicants under 22 years of age

Per Texas state law, applicants who will be under 22 years of age at the time they are taking classes on campus at Dallas International must provide evidence of bacterial meningitis vaccination.  This requirement is automatically waived for students whose 22nd birthday has already passed or who are only taking classes at Dallas International from a distance (i.e. distance education classes only).

If you will be under age 22 when you begin classes at Dallas International, below is a list of forms you may need to meet the requirement to provide proof of Bacterial Meningitis vaccination (or exemption from it) to Dallas International.

Bacterial Meningitis Information sheet

Checklist for Bacterial Meningitis packet
Health Clinic HIPAA declaration
Bacterial Meningitis immunization form
Bacterial Meningitis medical exemption form

7. Additional requirements for students completing their BA at Dallas International

Students seeking a BA degree from Dallas International must also send in a signed Dallas International

Statement of Faith/Code of Conduct form.

Once admitted as a BA candidate, a student will be asked to submit an Intended Plan of Study (IPS) with the help of an advisor during his/her first term at Dallas International.

8. Additional requirements for non-native English speakers

Non-native speakers of English should provide evidence of satisfactory performance on the TOEFL (Dallas International school code: 6605),the IELTS, or the Common European Framework of Reference for Language evaluation. Total of partial scores on TOEFL must be at least 90. Overall score on IELTS must be at least 6.5, with no partial scores below 6.0. Common European Framework of Reference for Language (English) evaluation of C1 or better is preferred.

9. Additional requirements for international students

If you will be needing a student visa while studying at Dallas International, please visit our International Student admission page for steps and instructions.  The visa application process takes time, so be sure to apply early.  Contact our international student coordinator isc@diu.edu with any questions.