Change in Admission Status

Your admissions status at Dallas International determines your level of “clearance” to enroll in undergraduate- and graduate-level classes and degree programs. It is a product of 1) the type of application(s) that you submitted to Dallas International (undergraduate, graduate, or gateway); 2) the particular academic program you selected on your application; and 3) the particular admission paperwork requirements you have submitted to Dallas International.

Graduate admission status (GR) allows you to enroll in any Dallas International class offered–graduate or undergraduate. “Graduate admission status is forever.”

Undergraduate admission status (UG) allows access to all undergraduate-level classes plus up to 9 semester hours of graduate-level classes.

Gateway admission status (GT) limits you to a total of 10 semester hours of classes—graduate or undergraduate–at Dallas International.

The time to request a change in your admission status is several months BEFORE you will “overrun” your current admission status. If, looking ahead, you realize that you will eventually need a higher level of enrollment clearance to continue your studies at Dallas International, the chart below can be used to determine your next step.

To know your current admission status, look at the first paragraph of your last (most recent) admission letter from Dallas International.

How to request a change in your admission status
Current admission status at Dallas International Type of application you submitted Admission status you desire What you need to do:
GT GT UG or GR Submit appropriate application.
UG UG GR Submit graduate application.
UG (non-degree) UG UG (B.A. degree) Submit additional BA requirements. Contact No new application required.
GT UG UG Submit additional requirements for UG. Contact No new application required.
GT GR GR Submit additional requirements for GR. Contact No new application is required.
LE LE GR Contact

*LE = Limited Enrollment admission: only applicable to students admitted before 2015