Employment for Internationals

What you need to know about working in the US

First contact to obtain permission to work is always DIU’s International Student Coordinator—the PDSO (“Primary Designated School Officer”) for international student visa matters and the contact person at DIU for all exchange visitor visa matters. Contact isc@diu.edu or walk into Admissions Office to ask whom to see.

For more information, please see: https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/students/work/working-in-the-united-states

For all requests to work, the DIU Work Authorization Form  should be opened, filled out and saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader as soon and as completely as possible and sent to isc@diu.edu.

International Student Work Authorization Form

Instructions for Work Authorization Form


For F-1 visa holders

No international student in the US can work without permission from DIU’s P/DSO. Inquire at isc@diu.edu or ask in the Admissions Office for someone who can give this permission.

  1. Permission may be given by your P/DSO for on-campus work.
  2. Permission to work off-campus:
    • Must have completed one academic year of enrollment at DIU before you can be permitted to work off-campus.
    • Approval will be for a specific, limited period.
    • Requires approval from P/DSO at DIU, who will add your request to work to your SEVIS record.
    • Requires app and filing fee to USCIS, whose personnel will review submitted documentation and, if approved, will add approved dates of employment to your SEVIS record, issue a letter of approval and your Employment Authorization document (EAD card).
    • Note: Your request to work, and, eventually, your USCIS approval to work will be noted on your I-20 or DS-2019.
    • You may NOT begin work until you have received a USCIS approval letter and an Employment Authorization Card (EAD), which are proof to your employer that you have been cleared to work, but only during the time period shown.


For F-2 visa holders (dependents of F-1)

F2 visa holders may not work per US law.


For J visa holders 

J-1 visa holders may only participate in activities directly related to their Exchange Visitor (EV) category–visiting scholar, professor, or researcher.

J-2 (dependents of J-1) may work only if the money earned is used to enrich their family’s access to US or North American cultural experiences and travel.