The forms below may be submitted to the International Student Office in Pike 113 or emailed to

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Note: Fillable forms (those with form numbers ending in ā€œcā€) must be opened, filled out, and saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader to preserve content. The saved copy may then be submitted to as an email attachment.


International Student Office Notification Forms

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3140-03dInternational Student Transfer In Request 10-29-2018
3140-04dInternational Student Transfer Out Request 10-29-2018
3140-91dInternational Student Request 11-19-2018
3140-92cInternational Student Information Update 11-26-2018

International Student Work Authorization

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3140-81dInstructions for Work Authorization 11-19-2018
3140-82dInternational Student Dependent Work Authorization 11-19-2018
3140-83dNon Dallas Intl Employer's Letter--Invitation to Work 02-25-2019
3140-84dDallas Intl Supervisor's Letter for Social Security Card Application 11-19-2018

International Student Seeking a Visa (part of application for admission process)

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3140-02cSupplement to International Student Application 10-26-2018
3140-21dInstructions for Financial Statement and Certificate of Sponsorship 02-15-2019
3140-22cFinancial Statement 11-05-2018
3140-23dCertificate of Sponsorship 11-05-2018
3140-25dHousing Sponsorship 11-05-2018
3140-31cInternational Student Medical History 02-25-2019