Returning Students

If you are interested in returning to studies at Dallas International, we look forward to welcoming you back! Please follow the steps below to reactivate your admissions status. Many returning students will not need to submit a new application.

Before doing anything else, please contact to indicate your intent to return. Admissions office staff will advise you through the re-entry process. Please do not fill out a new admission application unless you are instructed to do so. You should also take a moment to login to Campus Cafe and update your address, contact information, etc. Please contact if you need help with your Campus Cafe login.

Financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis. Students are expected to apply for aid for each award year. So, you will need to apply for financial aid unless you had previously been given an award that covers the term in which you intend to return. Visit our Financial Aid pages for more information.

Visit our Orientation page for orientation dates, schedule, and other important details.

You must have your academic advisor approve your schedule to complete registration.  Click here to learn how to contact your academic advisor.

Visit our Registration page for information on how to register for classes.  Registration is completed online using Campus Café.

Be sure to purchase your textbooks before classes start.

What texbooks I do need?
Where can I buy textbooks?

If you have any other questions, contact admissions.

Welcome back! We look forward to your participation in orientation and any welcome events scheduled for the term of your return. Orientation is normally required for any student returning after an absence of over a year.

Admissions Forms for Returning Students (after a leave of absence)

You may not be required to submit all forms listed below. Please contact for a full list of documents which will be required of you.

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3120-28dsAcknowledgement of receipt of B. meningitis information10-14-2021
3120-27dBacterial Meningitis Information07-20-2021
3120-22dsChecklist for acceptance packet forms - online students06-21-2022
3120-21dsChecklist for acceptance packet forms - onsite students06-21-2022
3120-24dsConfirmation of Intent to Enroll03-14-2024