The Applied Anthropology department offers introductory and advanced courses in a variety of fields including literacy, language and culture acquisition, sociolinguistics, language survey, scripture engagement, multicultural service and more.  Our alumni often serve internationally as specialists and consultants in their field.

What is Applied Anthropology?

Anthropology is the scientific study of societies and cultures around the world. We focus not just on one culture at a time but expose students to a wide variety of cultures and challenge students to examine how they interact with each other. Our course and program offerings are “applied” as they prepare students for hands-on research and fieldwork in any language or culture worldwide. More than just analyzing the culture they visit, we train our alumni to engage and communicate effectively across language and culture boundaries.

Applied Anthropology Faculty

Director: Eric Bartels

A full list of the Applied Anthropology faculty can be viewed here.

Alumni Are Working In:

Language Survey and Development

Literacy and Translation

Scripture Engagement

Teaching and Research

Humanitarian Organizational Leadership

Refugee Resettlement Coordinator