The Applied Linguistics Department offers introductory and advanced courses in linguistics, biblical languages, and translation. Our alumni often serve internationally as specialists and consultants in their field. Many work among minority language communities with the specialized training that they receive.

What is Applied Linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and it can be quite different from basic language learning. A linguist looks at the structure of a language (word order, affixes, etc.), the sound systems (phonetics, phonology), as well as the meaning of words, phrases, and longer texts (semantics, discourse). Our course and program offerings are “applied” as they prepare students for hands-on research and fieldwork in any language worldwide.

Applied Linguistics Faculty

Chair: Dr. Michael Boutin

A full list of the Applied Linguistics faculty can be viewed here.

Alumni Are Working In:

Bible Translation

Literacy and Translation

Computational Linguistics

Teaching and Research

Non-Profit Leadership

Community Development