with Dr. Beth Argot

Journey with Dr. Beth Argot on her Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Beth is walking the Camino de Santiago March 26 – May 10, 2024. God has called her to this sacred pilgrimage, and to a journey of bringing the power of Arts and Trauma Healing to people across the world. As Beth walks and prays along the trail, covering hundreds of miles from France through Spain over six weeks, her prayer is that we co-journey with her through supporting the Arts and Trauma Healing Endowment Fund at Dallas International University. This fund supports students of Arts and Trauma Healing, enabling the future for practitioners across the globe.

Arts and Trauma Healing Endowment Fund

Equipping students to bring trauma healing to a world in need

Healing from Trauma

Living in the aftermath of trauma is never easy for survivors, and it poses unique challenges for those committed to offering support along the healing journey. As trauma continues to increase across the world, more people have become interested in becoming trauma-informed and equipped with evidence-based tools they can incorporate into their work with those dealing with the impact of trauma. Many of these practitioners have turned to Dallas International University to learn ways to incorporate faith and healing alongside the arts in trauma healing practices.

Since its inception at DIU in 2014, Arts and Trauma Healing has experienced tremendous growth, training over 200 students from around the globe through a one semester-long course, WA5383 Arts and Trauma Healing (ATH). This course provides a unique approach to trauma healing that allows for whole-brain processing of trauma through the arts based on Scripture. We have also provided ongoing training via workshops and mentoring to many hundreds more in countries such as Hong Kong, UK, Burundi, Kenya, Senegal, Congo, etc. However, this level of support is not sustainable as the rapid rate of trauma growth continues to increase the need and demand for more advanced trauma-informed training. We receive continual requests for more education and deeper levels of training.

New Graduate Certificate in Arts and Trauma Healing

Out of this need the new Graduate Certificate in Arts and Trauma Healing (GC-ATH) program was developed. Leveraging the Center for Excellence in World Arts’ (CEWA) expertise in ethnoarts, this unique graduate certificate program offers individuals the knowledge and skills to work in cross-cultural communities as they provide trauma healing support, expanding the principles learned in the ATH foundations course.

Providing Student Scholarships

Community support for this program is a vital link to assuring students can receive this education. A vital part of this support comes through providing scholarships to make education possible for exceptional students across the world who seek the GC-ATH training, and who could otherwise not afford this training.

Endowment Fund Details

Scholarship funding is provided through the Arts and Trauma Healing Endowment Fund. Our goal is to reach $100,000 in order to provide ongoing yearly revenue to fund scholarships.

These scholarships, made possible through generous donors to the Arts and Trauma Healing Endowment Fund, will be awarded to deserving students who have demonstrated, through educational experiences and fieldwork, outstanding potential for serving cross-culturally in the field of arts and trauma healing. Scholarships will go toward tuition and ATH program fees.

Your prayers and financial support are an invaluable part of the journey towards freedom from trauma