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Dallas International University is a Christ-centered institution that provides academic education in linguistics and translation. With a rich history dating back to 1972, we have equipped over 1,000 graduates through training and education to participate in Bible translation projects. Our alumni contribute to organizations such as Wycliffe Bible Translators, Pioneer Bible Translators, SIL International, and more.

Our Translation Programs

Certificate in Applied Linguistics

For linguistically-minded individuals who need practical training. This 25-hour undergraduate certificate is an excellent foundation for beginning field work and studying linguistics.

Bachelors in Scripture and Culture

For those who want academic, biblical foundations for Christian vocations. This four-year program focuses on studying the culture and context of the biblical authors, interpreting the Bible from the original languages, and communicating biblical truth across cultural boundaries. 

Masters in Applied Linguistics

For those pursuing linguistic work in cross-cultural contexts. This two-year MA program offers a Descriptive Linguistics concentration for those pursuing pioneering field work, and a Bible Translation concentration for those pursuing linguistically-focused translation roles.

Masters in Translation Advising

For those pursuing work as a translation advisor or consultant. This two-year MA focuses on multicultural teamwork, basic linguistic and biblical language skills, and translation theory geared toward advising Mother Tongue Translators on translation projects.

Masters in Bible Translation

(with Dallas Theological Seminary)

For those desiring to serve in Bible translation ministries. This 66-hour program includes Old and New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and linguistics and translation studies at Dallas International University.

Graduate Certificate in Translation Consulting

For translation consultants. This three-year, innovative program utilizes a cohort model, year-terms with intensive meetings and organizational mentors to provide guidance and feedback.

Dr. Scott Berthiaume

President, Dallas International University

“Training for Bible Translation at DIU, today, is accessible to anyone with a desire to participate in the Bible Translation movement. Our programs can be completed anywhere in world with no restrictions on a student’s nationality.”

“Training for Bible Translation at DIU, today, is accessible to anyone with a desire to participate in the Bible Translation movement. Our programs can be completed anywhere in world with no restrictions on a student’s nationality.”


Dr. Scott Berthiaume

President, Dallas International University

Optimized for Distance Education

Emphasize technological and pedagogical advances for distance education, including:

Utilizing Canvas for online learning

Hybrid learning with face-to-face interactions

Faculty and field consultant mentorship

Alumni Spotlights

Johnny & Ellen Walker

Johnny Walker (Certificate in Applied Linguistics, 2007) and his wife, Ellen, (MA in Language Development, 2009) have contributed greatly to Wycliffe Bible Translators’ (SIL) Mara Cluster Project, working with ten related Tanzanian languages! Ellen serves in literacy development and Johnny contributes to language development tasks such as orthography and dictionary formation.

During their time at DIU, Johnny learned the methodologies and computer software that he has used extensively to study the Mara languages and cultures. DIU even gave him the opportunity to visit a Tanzanian church for a class project, giving him a head start on understanding the country that would become his new home.

In March 2023, Johnny and Ellen attended the Kabwa and Ikoma New Testament dedications, delighted to celebrate with the communities they have labored with for so long. They listened with joy as community members read adeptly from the Scripture. Such public readings would not have been possible a decade ago before literacy took root through the efforts of workers like Ellen. The Kabwa community also eagerly anticipates receiving their first dictionary this summer. Johnny has been instrumental in producing this valuable and honorable resource for their community, and he is excited that they will be able to use it at last. The Walkers now live in Rwanda, where they continue to work remotely with the Mara Cluster and contribute to other projects locally.

Travis Williamson

Travis Williamson graduated in 2008 with his MA in Theology with an emphasis in Bible Translation, earned through a cooperative program between DIU and Dallas Theological Seminary. Since then, Travis has applied his DIU education to partnering in the translation of the North Gumuz New Testament.

The Gumuz, a people group of Ethiopia and Sudan, live in a diverse religious climate involving various Christian traditions. In his favorite class at DIU, Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods, Travis learned the importance of considering Scripture engagement from the early stages of a translation project. He knew from the start that the New Testament would not be used effectively without the cooperation and participation of all the local Christian traditions. The local Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant leaders agreed: because God’s word is central to the Christian faith, they would all support the translation.

Interdenominational cooperation did create challenges for the translation team. The translators’ theological differences often sparked tension when translating passages that their traditions interpret differently. Travis also found that external conflicts affected the project even when the team faced no internal conflict. But despite the difficulties, Travis found that working with a multidenominational team was a blessing. When the translators disagreed on interpreting the text, their only option was to adhere as closely as possible to the author’s original intent rather than to a theological tradition.

The secular government noticed the Gumuz translators’ role in reconciling their respective denominations and has since called them in to facilitate reconciliation in recent ethnic conflicts. Plus, the North Gumuz translation has set a precedent of unity for Bible translation projects across Ethiopia. Now, whenever a new project begins, whichever denomination or organization is leading the project makes a point to involve the other traditions. If the North Gumuz team could do it, they say, we can too!

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