What is it?

The Graduate Certificate in World Arts is designed for students who are passionate about artistic development but don’t need a full MA.

Program Highlights

Learn from caring, field-experienced professors.

Study alongside future colleagues and others with similar passions for the arts

Practice skills that will help you engage local artists to create for kingdom purposes

Gain practical experience in facilitating arts development activities.

Meets certification requirements for entry-level arts specialists

Take advantage of flexible courses that are easily applicable.

Prospective Careers

  • Entry-level Arts Specialist
  • Non-profit Organization or Ministry
  • Community Development
  • Ethnodramatology
  • Ethnomusicology

What will it help me do?

  • Work across cultures alongside singers, musicians, actors, dancers, storytellers, and visual artists, researching the arts of their community
  • Spark artistic creations with artists to respond to their community’s needs
  • Connect arts to goals in community development, health education, justice issues, language and arts preservation, literacy, Scripture engagement and translation, worship expression, and other areas

Who is it for?

Students who are interested in becoming arts specialists but don’t need a full MA

Program Format

21 Credit Certificate Program

All Courses Available by Distance

Practical Application in Classes

Semester-long and Intensive Courses

Core Arts Courses Without a Degree

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