Matching campaign to endow a World Arts scholarship!

Dallas International University is excited to announce a matching campaign to endow the Eduard Alekseyev Scholarship for World Arts. Named after Dr. Eduard Alekseyev, mentor to Dr. Robin Harris of the Center for Excellence in World Arts (CEWA), this scholarship supports the education of World Arts students who have demonstrated through their field work that they possess outstanding potential for a future as a World Arts Specialist.

Generous donors have pledged $30,000 to match all designated gifts through the end of September. As of the end of August we have received over $17,000 in support of the Alekseyev Scholarship. Your gifts toward this scholarship will enable us to endow the fund and thus continue to empower more World Arts students to pursue excellent work in their fields.

Recipients of this scholarship will work cross-culturally alongside singers, musicians, actors, dancers, storytellers, and visual artists, researching the arts of their community and sparking artistic creations that respond to community needs.

We invite you to consider how your gift toward this endowment could empower not only our students but also the communities they will serve. Your gift, matched by another’s, could have a lasting, global impact for generations to come.

To learn more about Dr. Alekseyev and the scholarship established in his name click here.

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