Admission Requirements for PhD in World Arts

In addition to the requirements for a regular graduate application, the following additional admission requirements are specific to the PhD in World Arts program:

  1. Submit proof of a completed MA degree with a minimum of 30 graduate semester hours in World Arts or a related field, and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.30 (on a 4.00 scale).
  2. Submit a summary of research interests (500-800 words).
  3. Submit a research-based writing sample, such as a peer reviewed publication, master’s thesis, or graduate-level paper of publishable quality.
  4. Schedule an interview with a full-time faculty member from the Center for Excellence in World Arts program at Dallas Int’l.

When all application documents have been received, the admissions department will inform the Center for Excellence in World Arts, who will evaluate all of the application documents and determine acceptance or denial for the PhD applicant. All accepted applicants will be allowed to begin Phase 1 (see below) of the PhD program and will be assigned a faculty adviser.

The faculty adviser will evaluate all transcripts and syllabi (supplied upon request by the adviser) to determine if courses taken elsewhere satisfy the learning outcomes for the four MA core requirements. Before the student begins the coursework in Phase 1 of the program, the adviser will inform the student of any deficiencies that need to be completed before taking the Qualifying Exam and beginning Phase 2 of the program.

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