What is it?

The PhD in World Arts prepares students to be teachers and researchers in the field of World Arts as they support the local arts of communities around the world and develop activities in training, mentoring, and consulting for communities, organizations, and schools.

Program Highlights

Learn from caring, field-experienced professors.

Work at a pace that fits your schedule.

Experience new ideas and unique viewpoints on local arts.

Gain practical experience in facilitating arts development activities.

Study online or in-person to finish your degree.

Take advantage of flexible courses that are easily applicable.

Prospective Careers

  • Qualified World Arts Teachers
  • World Arts Researchers
  • Community Development
  • Ethnodramatology
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Orality Consulting
  • Trauma Healing Consulting
  • Arts Consulting

What will it help me do?

  • Be prepared to be a qualified teacher and researcher involved in service on a national and global level
  • Contribute positively to the challenges of understanding the local arts of communities around the world
  • Develop new theories and constructs to better support the use of art forms and practices
  • Address current challenges and gaps in research
  • Be prepared to respond with creative solutions to opportunities and changes in contexts around the world

Who is it for?

Students who have completed an MA degree in World Arts or a related field and want to continue their education and be better equipped for teaching and research

Program Format

Three Phase Program

All Courses Available by Distance

Practical Application in Classes

Semester-long and Intensive Courses

Qualifying Exam and Dissertation

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