Rachel Kull

CEWA Advisory Board Member

Rachel grew up in a bicultural home of missionary parents; her father was from Peru and her mother from the U.S. As a child she lived on a mission base in Peru and in the capital city of Ecuador, Quito. In her family, learning was a high value; her father worked in bilingual education, training indigenous people from Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala, to become teachers. Her mother was a high school English teacher in the MK schools she attended. As a young adult, Rachel studied Bible and Music at the University of Northwestern, in St. Paul, MN, but opted to take (30) gap years before completing a B.S. degree in Organizational Management at Nyack College.

Rachel and her husband joined SIL International in 1991, and served the Bible translation movement in Eurasia, living in Spain until 2012. Since 2013, Rachel has been SIL’s HR Director for the Americas, with SIL International, giving oversight to all aspects of missionaries’ service in the Bible Translation movement.

Rachel currently lives in Dallas with Mark, her husband of 40+ years, and together they have three children, three children-in-love, and six grandchildren. They raised their children during the 21 years they lived in Spain. Her sons and their families live in the US, and her daughter and family live in Spain. Her first language may be English, but her heart language and culture is Spanish. This year she learned to grow some vegetables, and likes to play the piano, write poetry, spend time on any ocean beach, and spend time with her kids and grandchildren.