World Arts Videos

Hoiling Poon describes her journey as a doctoral student in the World Arts program.

Arts Consultants at Work is a story of how the Mono church (DR Congo) turned a rejected art form into a catalyst for revival and spiritual growth.

Learn about CEWA’s “Arts for a Better Future (ABF)” course where we teach the seven-step “Creating Local Arts Together” process for working with a community and their arts. Available for BA, MA, and PhD credit, this course is also available as a one-week workshop (no credit) in partnership with the Global Ethnodoxology Network (GEN).

Sparking Creativity follows the work of an Arts Consultant in Burkina Faso and the use of the balaphone.

Arts Consultant: Understanding illustrates the complexity of a performance, describes some of the analytical tools that can be used, and how to comprehend the form and meaning of a particular event. Available also in Spanish, French, and Korean.