Engage the World.
Shape the Future.

What is it?

The Global Affairs major focuses on the interconnectedness of modern societies and the implications for Christian engagement with local communities, political ideas, and the shaping of cultures. Graduates will be equipped with the tools necessary for thinking about the global implications of localized work, actions, projects, and service. Classes are taught from an intercultural, multicultural, and faith-based perspective. 

Program Highlights

Core Courses (18 credit hours) that build on a multiculturally focused Gen Ed curriculum

Regional concentration classes (12 credit hours) in the Middle East or in East Asia

Global Impact Internship (6 credit hours) abroad or in the US

Study foundational topics in global affairs as well as current global issues

Gain intermediate competency (9 credit hours) in any foreign language

Christian faculty with experience working and serving in more than 60 countries

Prospective Careers

  • Law
  • Business
  • Media or Journalism
  • Management
  • International Nonprofit or Ministry
  • Government and Diplomacy
  • Finance
  • Multicultural Service

What will it help me do?

  • Understand the ways in which modern nations are interconnected
  • Learn how to impact local communities with awareness of global effects
  • Gain practical experience impacting local communities with a trusted organization
  • Evaluate political and economic policy from a broad Christian perspective

Who is it for?

Students who want to understand the dynamics of our interconnected, globalized world in order to more effectively engage the world and shape the future through innovative methods and Christian convictions. 

Program Format

4-Year BA Program

All Courses Available by Distance

6 Credit Hour Global Impact Internship

Semester-long Courses

Five Optional Minors

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