Study the Bible Culturally

What is it?

The Scripture and Culture major focuses on studying the context of the biblical authors, interpreting the Bible from the original languages, understanding how culture affects biblical interpretation, and communicating biblical truth across cultural boundaries. 

Program Highlights

Achieve intermediate competency in biblical Greek or Hebrew

Study the historical, social, and religious backgrounds of both testaments. 

Discover how different cultures receive, interpret, and apply the Bible.

Use modern anthropology to understand how to communicate across cultural boundaries. 

Integrate basic linguistics and translation theory with trusted hermeneutical principles

Learn to engage in academic discussions about biblical interpretive issues.

Prospective Careers

  • Christian education
  • Non-profit organization or ministry
  • Attend seminary
  • Bible translation
  • Chaplaincy
  • Archaeology
  • Communications
Todd Scacewater, standing on the edge of Mount Precipice, overlooking the Jezreel Valley

What will it help me do?

  • Interpret the Bible from its original languages
  • Understand the cultures of the biblical authors
  • Understand how modern cultures affect interpretation
  • Communicate biblical truth in diverse and multi-cultural environments

Who is it for?

Students who want academic, biblical foundations for Christian vocations, whether in the marketplace, in education, or in ministry.  

Program Format

4-Year BA Program

All Courses Available by Distance

9 Hours of Greek or Hebrew

Semester-long Courses

Five Optional Minors

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