What is it?

The Certificate in Biblical Studies provides foundational knowledge of the Bible’s message, cultural backgrounds, and interpretation for individuals in any vocation.

Program Highlights

12-hour program that even working professionals can complete

Learn best practices for biblical interpretation

Study the storyline of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation

Supplement your degree with biblical education

Acquire biblical study skills for a lifetime of growth

All courses available synchronously online via Zoom

What can I do with this education?

  • Teach the Bible in your church
  • Pursue more advanced biblical or ministerial education
  • Study the Bible academically for a lifetime
  • Continue pursuing our BA in Scripture and Culture

What will it help me do?

  • Utilize basic principles of interpreting the Bible
  • Understand the historical, cultural, and religious contexts of the biblical authors
  • Consider appropriate ways of applying biblical truth in modern cultural contexts
  • Discuss problems in biblical interpretation with others 

Who is it for?

Students or professionals with little or no formal biblical education who want to acquire foundations in biblical contexts and interpretation for life, vocation, ministry, or service to others

Program Format

12 Credit Certificate Program

Study In-Person or Online

Fall and Spring Semester Courses

1-2 Manageable Courses per Semester

Judicious Readings in Academic Literature

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