CIS General Education Requirements

Area One: Creative Arts

  1. Courses examining the nature of creativity, including imaginative and intuitive thinking, forms of persuasion, expressions of life realities and values.
  2. Courses situating creative works, and judgments about those creative works, in their appropriate social and historical context.

Area Two: Global Studies

  1. Courses exploring the diverse historical and philosophical traditions that have shaped the world by reading and discussing fundamental texts from those traditions.
  2. Courses developing the student’s ability to critically and comparatively reflect on cultural issues considering others both past & present.

Area Three: World Traditions

  1. Courses exploring those habits of thought and feeling that distinguish regions, countries, and cultures from one another.
  2. Courses discussing, in comparative and cross-cultural perspective, the concepts, patterns, and trends that characterize contemporary global issues.
  3. Courses developing the student’s capacity to critically analyze how categories of difference are organized within and across cultures.

Area Four: Social Behavior

  1. Courses considering the institutions, systems, and patterns of governance that underlie contemporary societies.
  2. Courses developing the student’s capacity to critically reflect on the relationship between the individual and the institutions, systems, and patterns of society.

Area Five: Science & Mathematics

  1. Courses investigating the natural world and the living forms that inhabit it.
  2. Courses developing problem-solving skills and utilize the scientific method to describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena.
  3. Courses analyzing the role of science in public discourse and in addressing societal problems.