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About DIU's Dual Enrollment Program

Dallas International University invites high schoolers to take college courses for dual credit. For each course, students earn credit toward their high school degree and receive credit on a college transcript. Our dual enrollment courses count toward satisfying General Education requirements at DIU, but as a SACSCOC (https://sacscoc.org/) accredited school, our courses are fully transferrable to other colleges and universities. DIU provides dual enrollment courses for homeschooled students as well as students that attend a partnering high school.

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What Will it Cost?

Dual Enrollment tuition is just $100/credit hour.* On average, you’ll save more than $800 per class by taking the courses below as a Dual Enrollment student rather than as a traditional undergraduate student.   

*Students must apply and enroll as Dual Enrollment students to qualify for this special tuition rate. Not available for traditional undergraduate students. An additional flat fee of $50 per semester applies for all Dual Enrollment students.  


All of our dual enrollment courses are offered in-person and synchronously via Zoom (except WA2381, which is in-person only). Synchronous Zoom students participate live during class time with the professor and the on-campus students.

“Taking dual enrollment classes helped me jump-start my college career in so many ways. As a homeschooled student, taking classes from a teacher other than my parents was a big adjustment, but being able to begin while I was still in high school prepared me for what to expect when I got to college. I also saved over a year on my degree and was able to finish early!”

—Sarah, DIU MA Graduate

Strengthen Your Biblical Foundations

With DIU’s Dual Enrollment Bible and spirituality courses, students can build up their faith in high school while earning credit both toward their diploma and on a college transcript. These credits will complete part of the General Education requirements for BA students at DIU, while also being transferrable to other Christian universities that require lower-level Bible courses. Participation in the spiritual life while taking dual enrollment courses is another unique opportunity for high school students. 

Admissions Requirements

Homeschooled students must include a letter of attestation from a parent or guardian that asserts the student is capable of undergraduate-level courses and agrees for DIU to include the course on the student’s permanent record. Students attending a high school must attend one of DIU’s partnering schools and must demonstrate a 2.75 GPA or higher. Begin the application process by completing our preliminary form, and our Dual Enrollment liaison will be in touch to help you complete the process. 

Dual Enrollment Liaison

Sarah Hurlin
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2403

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Dual Enrollment?

To apply for Dual Enrollment at DIU, students must be at the sophomore, junior, or senior level of high school. Students must either attend a private high school with whom DIU has a Dual Enrollment partnership, or be homeschooled. If a student attends a private high school that does not have a Dual Enrollment partnership with DIU, e-mail dual-enrollment@diu.edu to request that we consider a partnership with their school.

What are the age requirements for Dual Enrollment?

Students must be at the sophomore, junior, or senior level of high school education to qualify for Dual Enrollment at DIU. If students want to attend classes in-person on campus, they must be at least 16 years old.

Where can I find the time each Dual Enrollment class is offered?

Students can find the time and days on which a Dual Enrollment course is offered in the Course Schedule, which is in the main menu of the DIU website under Academics –> Catalog & Courses –> Course Schedule.

Will Dual Enrollment credits transfer to another university?

DIU is regionally accredited by SACSCOC (www.sacscoc.org). Any Dual Enrollment courses taken at DIU are fully accredited and transferrable to other academic institutions. Students should be aware of the requirements of any BA program they intend to pursue and the possibility that Dual Enrollment courses may transfer into other universities as electives (rather than satisfying part of a specific BA program requirement). Students should consult with their DIU academic advisor and any other personal advisors on their choice of Dual Enrollment courses.

How do I enroll in a Dual Enrollment class?

The first step is to fill out the initial application form. Our Dual Enrollment Liaison will ensure that the applicant qualifies for Dual Enrollment at DIU. If so, our Liaison will contact the applicant and provide them with the remaining steps to finish the application and answer any questions. Once the applicant is accepted, they will be assigned an academic advisor, who will help the student register for classes.

Who do I contact to learn more about Dual Enrollment?

Any questions can be e-mailed to dual-enrollment@diu.edu.

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