Dallas International University is a culturally diverse community whose purpose is to prepare students for service in a wide variety of cultures around the world. Accordingly, we practice deference in our community toward one another wherever differences appear, with a spirit not of “self-centeredness” but rather of “other-centeredness”. By “deference” we mean that each member is committed to limiting personal freedoms to avoid harming the wider DIU community.

Recognizing our differences, these are our commonly shared standards of acceptable behavior:

  • DIU community members shall unselfishly support the community’s mission to prepare students for cross-cultural service and avoid distracting from the DIU community’s focus on education and learning.
  • DIU community members shall not intentionally damage the cohesion of the DIU community.

DIU students, faculty, and staff are expected to accept and adhere to DIU’s high standards of personal conduct in keeping with the university’s academic and religious identity.  These high standards of personal conduct are designed to foster the kind of environment most conducive to learning and preparing for cross-cultural service or further academic study. Conduct standards at DIU are written to give community members a general concept of expected behavior.  These standards should be read broadly and do not define conduct in exhaustive terms.

DIU community members are to demonstrate high moral character by behavior whose moral conduct is consistent with the standards of Scripture. This includes, but is not limited to, abstaining from sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage, homosexual behavior, child or spousal abuse, and from advocating any such behaviors.

Campus Environment

Appropriate attire is required at all times on campus. Footwear must be worn inside all DIU and ILC buildings. Individuals wearing clothing that is considered disruptive or distracting will be asked to change. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing that advocates a political agenda, divisive theology, and/or deals with sexual issues.

The public consumption of alcohol on the ILC campus is prohibited. The use of tobacco (including electronic cigarettes or vaporizers) is prohibited on the ILC campus.  The use or possession of controlled substances or prescription drugs without a legal prescription is prohibited.

Hazing is against state law and will not be tolerated at DIU.

DIU community members shall not disrupt or obstruct teaching, research, administration, or other DIU activities. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, any behavior in class or out of class which for any reason interferes with the classwork of others or otherwise disrupts the operation of DIU.


Dallas International University Discipline and Appeal Procedures

The purpose of discipline is to assist the individual to correct inadequate, inappropriate or unacceptable behavior, and where applicable, to restore the individual. Likewise, it is to protect the DIU community from harmful activities caused by an individual to the harm of the whole. In the event that restoration of the individual is not possible, anyone found in violation of these conduct policies is subject to penalties, which may include dismissal from the University.

Anyone who observes a violation of these policies is encouraged to discuss the matter privately with the individual involved.  Often this is sufficient to correct the inappropriate behavior.  If the behavior persists or is a violation of the law, the behavior should be reported to the appropriate campus authority within 90 calendar days of the incident.

For Conduct Violations by: Report Violation to:
Students Dean of Students
Faculty Dean of Academic Affairs
Non-Faculty Staff The individual’s Sr. Administrator (Dean / VP level)
Sr. Administrators President
President Chairman of the Board

The appropriate administrator or their designee will proceed with an investigation.  The investigation will include meeting with the individual accused of a violation who will be able to present facts relevant to the matter under consideration.  It is the responsibility of the administrator to uphold the complaint or to dismiss it.  Should the investigation reveal that censure is indicated, the administrator may impose a variety of sanctions, which may include probation or dismissal from the University.

In all cases, the administrator shall inform the President and all interested parties of his actions in this matter in writing within ten business days of the initial complaint.

A written appeal of the decision can be made to the President within five business days after being informed of the decision.  A decision will be made by the President or his designee within ten business days of the written appeal.  The decision of the President is final.

The time frames in this document can be extended by mutual agreement of both parties.

Knowingly making false allegations or providing evidence during an investigation with the knowledge that the evidence is false is also a violation of DIU policy and will subject a person to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.