AL5190 Thesis Writing

Course Summary

This course covers techniques and skill development for researching and writing a thesis. It is strongly recommended for all students writing a thesis at the master’s level. Students completing this course will be able to describe different kinds of knowledge and ways of knowing and how each is acquired; distinguish between quantitative and qualitative research and the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of each; describe Word style sheets and use a thesis template to enforce the required style sheet; identify common parts of a research paper/thesis and what is included in each part; describe and implement the proposal writing process; identify ethical perspectives and implications for research; and identify problem areas in technical writing and critical thinking.

Note:  This course is graded P/F.  Completion of this course will count as one hour of thesis credit but will not trigger the requirement for continuing registration. For Applied Anthropology, see AA5190.

Course Details

Level: Graduate
Credit hours: 1
Term(s) course is offered: Spring/Fall
Prerequisites: Completion of at least 5 graduate courses.

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