AL5395 Current Issues in Descriptive Linguistics

Course Summary

This course serves as a cap-stone seminar for students in the Descriptive Linguistics concentration, providing an opportunity to integrate knowledge from preceding courses through intensive study of some issue of current interest for linguistic analysis and description. The course aims to develop basic skills of linguistic scholarship through reading and critically discussing a variety of articles on the selected topic(s), and through writing and presenting a paper related to the issues discussed in the seminar.

Grammar topic in even numbered years and phonology topic in odd numbered years.

Course Details

Level: Graduate
Credit hours: 3
Term(s) course is offered: Fall
Prerequisites: Either 1) AL5304 Advanced Phonological Analysis for phonology topics, or 2) AL5313 Advanced Grammatical Analysis plus AL5315 Semantics and Pragmatics for syntax & semantics topics, or by permission of the instructor.

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