WA5339 Research Methods for World Arts

Course Summary

In this course, students will investigate, describe, and interact with the people and processes involved in a community’s creativity and performance. Course assignments include daily readings, class discussions, reflective and academic writing. Students will also be assigned an in-depth field research project with local arts practitioners, offering opportunities to improve skills in planning and performing research tasks, interviewing, participant-observation, note-taking, and audio- and video-recording. These field methods lead students to find answers to questions such as: What kinds of arts exist locally? What are some solutions to common difficulties in field and library-based research? How have scholars and practitioners conceptualized artistic expressions? In what ways do arts communicate within and beyond a community? How are new innovations in established traditions developed and integrated into a society?

Course Details

Level: Graduate
Credit hours: 3
Term(s) course is offered: Fall
Prerequisites: AA4370 Cultural Anthropology or permission of the instructor

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