At Dallas International University, we prepare global leaders—leaders who partner with local communities around the world to forge solutions to locally expressed needs. Alumni Nicole (MA in Applied Linguistics ’11) and Roger (Certificate in Applied Linguistics ’18) share that their DIU education integrally prepared them for their current partnership and leadership in Asia. Living in Roger’s home country, they work to provide scripture to the speakers of his native language.

Supportive Leadership

Nicole serves as Country Team Leader, encouraging and supporting her teammates while she oversees the administrative aspects of their work. She also collaborates with local and international partners from various regions and organizations, strategizing to support one another in their common goals. Nicole is immensely grateful that she gets to help create such a powerful network.

While her linguistics degree has proven useful, Nicole also wishes she had taken advantage of DIU courses such as Multicultural Teamwork, Multicultural Leadership, and Program Design and Management. These DIU classes give invaluable training in the social and administrative aspects of overseas work that Nicole deals with most!

Insider Scholarship

Roger serves as the Project Manager for their language project. Because of his extensive insider knowledge, he also participates in various steps of the translation process. Since he works in his home country, he has not had to apply his DIU lessons about learning a new culture and language from scratch.

But, critically, DIU taught him how to think linguistically and analytically about things he otherwise takes for granted. This different way of thinking makes him a better linguist, translator, and partner in the community.

Winsome Wisdom

Currently, Nicole and Roger’s team pursues two main project goals. First, since poetry is highly valued in their context, they are translating Proverbs according to the local poetic style typically used for local proverbs. They hope people will read Proverbs as both wise words and literary art!

They often utilize principles Nicole learned in Discourse Analysis, which taught her to analyze how languages organize ideas depending on genre. For example, how does the local language write poems differently from stories? How does it structure poetry differently than ancient Hebrew did? Nicole’s discourse class speaks directly to her team’s first project goal.

Christ in Context

Second, their team aims to produce a Life of Jesus story that makes sense to local people. DIU has prepared them well for this goal. In fact, Roger is currently taking a DIU course online that directly relates to the Life of Jesus project!

In Introduction to Contextualization, he is learning how Christians around the world have integrated their culture and their faith. The principles of contextualization Roger is learning can apply to any context—including his own. His present class at DIU directly feeds into his project goal on the field.

Nicole and Roger are capable of working on these exciting projects because of the Bible translation preparation they received at DIU. We continue to offer a variety of Bible translation programs for a variety of contexts that can help you bring the Bible to local communities in an intelligible and meaningful form. Explore all of our Bible translation programs here.