Please join us in thanking God for a longtime partner of DIU, the Global Ethnodoxology Network (GEN), that recently celebrated their 20th anniversary! Since 2003, GEN has been training, connecting, and creating resources for those passionate about helping communities worship God in their own cultures’ art forms. Partnership with GEN allows DIU to better prepare global leaders to partner with local communities.

Why Ethnodoxology?

Ethnodoxology means “the interdisciplinary study of how Christians in every culture engage with God and the world through their own artistic expressions.” As one of GEN’s training partners, DIU’s Center for Excellence in World Arts teaches students how to study cultural worship and the arts in this way. Once trained, ethnodoxologists work in all kinds of communities. These communities may be nearby or across the world. Ethnodoxologists encourage and empower these communities to produce local arts for God’s purposes.

Powerful Partnership

Given that DIU and GEN’s goals mesh so well, it is little surprise that many members of the DIU community are integrally involved in GEN. Dr. Robin Harris, GEN’s president and cofounder, also chairs DIU’s Center for Excellence in World Arts (CEWA). Yet, Dr. Harris is only the first of numerous DIU connections to GEN. Over two dozen CEWA students, alumni, faculty, and staff served at GEN’s 20th-anniversary celebration as volunteers, global advisory council members, and board members.

The Global Ethnodoxology network celebrated its first 20 years on September 10, 2023 at DIU’s campus. Over 90 members from 20 countries spent the day worshiping in each other’s languages and cultural styles, honoring each other’s achievements, and strategizing for their future impact. We at DIU are grateful to witness their joy and passion up close. We look forward to many more years of fruitful partnership with GEN!