From October 13-17, 2023, Dallas International University had the privilege of hosting the 7th worldwide Bible Translation Conference. Held biannually at DIU, the conference encapsulates the state of the art in Bible Translation and related fields. This year, the conference explored “Quality in Translation.”

For the DIU community, the Bible Translation Conference represents a learning opportunity like no other. It bolsters their classroom experiences with practical research and presentations based on field experience. The conference provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, alumni, and current students to stay on the cutting edge of translation theory, practice, and trends.

Allyson’s Story

DIU student Allyson was thrilled to enhance her learning by attending the conference remotely. The presentations she heard proved immensely valuable for her Scripture Engagement and mobilization work in Mexico.

God Speaks All Their Languages

In the community where Allyson works in southern Mexico, speaking multiple languages daily is the norm. At the Bible Translation Conference, one presenter exhorted her audience to help people interact with the Bible in all the languages they use every day. This encouraged Allyson and her team to keep facilitating Bible studies where participants discuss scripture in more than one language.

The presentation also got Allyson dreaming about future ways the community might engage the Bible multilingually, from songs to Bible stories to entire church services. She is excited to see her neighbors talk with God in all their languages.

Hiding the Word in Their Hearts

Allyson also discovered a toolset for another project on her horizon. Next year, she and her husband will be training Mexican pastors how to effectively tell Bible stories. Currently, they are helping a Nepalese pastor learn the same for his church-planting efforts. They have been exploring the process of internalization to strengthen and enrich their Bible storying trainings.

Internalization refers to learning scripture on a level deeper than mere memorization. Allyson and her team know that people tell Bible stories best when they internalize them first. With that in mind, they have been researching internalization techniques for some time.

During the conference, Allyson attended a presentation which laid out a concrete and memorable framework for internalizing scripture. Best of all, the framework is crafted to work in a variety of cultures and contexts. Allyson is eager to apply it to her context!

Humbled and Honored

Whether they have recently started their studies or worked in translation for years, the Bible Translation Conference welcomes students to participate as equals. They cannot ask for a better opportunity. This conference is the hub of the Bible translation movement! Students like Allyson continually say they are humbled and honored to take part in it.

DIU has a rich history of educating experts in Bible translation and related fields. Explore our Bible translation programs to learn more about how we prepare students for global leadership in this discipline.