This spring, the Student Body Association (SBA) is piloting a new community-building initiative: student houses.

These social groups bring together students who might not connect otherwise. Each house unites resident and commuter students, graduates and undergraduates. Houses will be close-knit families within the wider student body.

Houses will also add structure to DIU’s vibrant community life by making community-building events more regular. Each house has chosen an SBA event to help host, and each will pioneer additional events of their own. These will provide even more opportunities for students of all varieties to mingle.

house crests

Meet the Houses

The houses are named after notable individuals connected to DIU and the International Linguistics Center. Their mascots are the four small-but-wise animals of Proverbs 30:

  • Saint is named for Rachel Saint, who trained on DIU’s campus when it was still called Texas-SIL and went on to minister to the Huaorani of Ecuador. Saint’s mascot is the ant (Prov. 30:25).
  • Townsend honors Cameron Townsend, founder of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Townsend’s mascot is the rock badger (Prov. 30:26).
  • Pike is a tribute to Kenneth, Evelyn, and Eunice Pike, scholars who massively advanced linguistics and Bible translation through their academic insights. Pike’s mascot is the locust (Prov. 30:27).
  • Conrad is named for Bob Conrad, former faculty member and translator of four Bibles in Papua New Guinea. Conrad’s mascot is the gecko (Prov. 30:28).

Students have already taken up their house mantles with vigor, proud of their historical and biblical inspirations.