When asked about their favorite part of attending DIU, many students immediately exclaim, “The community!” DIU’s community is unique, creative, and close-knit. The learning experience at DIU wouldn’t be the same without it.

Celebrating Community

One way that DIU displays and fosters this unique community is through Spirit Week. Occurring every Fall term, the school celebrates Spirit Week to display its quirky sense of fun and unifying passion for the world. Faculty, staff, and students alike show their school spirit by dressing up according to each day’s theme.

This year’s Spirit Week, September 18-22, featured a mixture of old, beloved themes and exciting new ones: International Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Suspicious Pairs Day, High-Context Day, and DIU T-Shirt Day.

Creative Engagement

For Suspicious Pairs Day, one group of students chose to dress up together in the fashion of an ancient Mesopotamian statue! In AL5319 Biblical Backgrounds, and its undergraduate counterpart IS4312 Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, they had learned about Gudea of Lagash, a lesser-known king from the 3rd millennium BC. Gudea left more than two dozen statues of himself scattered across Babylonia. The students donned matching black robes and museum placards, even posing for a photo with DIU’s replica of the king’s statue.

“Gudea would be proud,” one of the students chuckled, referring to a concept she learned in class: for Ancient Near Easterners, leaving a legacy was of utmost importance. This Spirit Week, she and her fellow students left their own legacy of creative engagement with DIU’s academic material and with each other.

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