On March 6, 2024, the DIU community gathered for the biannual Dallas International Academic Lens (DIAL) conference. Classes and chapel were canceled so faculty and students could attend the all-day proceedings.  

This year’s conference featured 15 papers presented by students and alumni, many co-written with DIU faculty. Topics ranged from linguistic fieldwork and research to language development, translation to theology, and applied arts to technology.  

The DIAL conference exists for the same purpose as DIU: to prepare global leaders to partner with local communities. Conference coordinator Dr. Sigrid Lew explains the benefit for new students in the audience: they can “take a glimpse at the kind of work DIU prepares students for.” In fact, as they observe not only alumni but also fellow students, they get a glimpse at the kind of work they can participate in even before graduation.  

For presenters, the conference serves as a training ground. With the support of veteran scholars, students gain experience presenting professionally and interacting with an academic audience. In addition, the academic writing consultant assisted presenters in honing their paper abstracts and crafting engaging visual aids. Participating in DIAL prepares students to powerfully present the causes that ignite their passion to the broader academic world.  

Thank you for supporting DIU so that we can provide this unique opportunity for our students. We look forward to the next DIAL conference, where we will again gather around our common interests, passions, and calling.