This coming summer 2024, Dallas International University is offering its Literacy Megacourse. Consisting of nine graduate credit hours, this course prepares students to do literacy in contexts having little or no tradition of literacy, no instructional materials exist and where there may or may not even be an alphabet.

The Need for Literacy

Most developing and emerging countries have subpopulations that have little or no tradition of literacy. There are few instructional materials, and languages spoken by such populations may even lack an alphabet.

If anyone in such a population is literate, it is because they went to school in a second language and became literate in that language, not their own language.

Literacy Is Needed

UNESCO estimates that approximately 1 billion adults living today are still illiterate. This staggering number underscores the importance of literacy and the urgent need to address this global challenge.

Why Take the Course?

By taking the course, you earn nine graduate credit hours, which is 1/4 of Dallas International University’s MA in Language & Culture Studies with a Literacy specialization. Not only does this course equip you with the necessary skills to tackle illiteracy in any setting, but it also contributes towards your academic growth and professional development.

Are These Skills Useful in the US?

Yes! In the last 50 years, large populations of refugees and immigrants have come to the US from developing countries. In many cases, the adults are not literate, and the children have little or no education either. Without literacy, such adults will spend their lives working in low-paying jobs because of their lack of literacy. This course equips you with the skillset to make a valuable contribution in such communities and make a real difference in people’s lives.

How to Register

Apply to DIU (, and enroll in AA5934 Literacy Megacourse. If you plan only to take the course, start with the Gateway Admission application. The Literacy Megacourse is only offered in the summers of even-numbered years, so don’t miss it in 2024!

For more information and inquiries, reach out to us at or visit

A flyer for distribution is available here.