Dallas International University is thrilled to announce the new Graduate Certificate in Arts and Trauma Healing (GC-ATH) through the Center for Excellence in World Arts (CEWA).

The GC-ATH equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to work with people who suffer from the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of trauma. Leveraging CEWA’s expertise in global art forms, the certificate integrates faith, arts, and cutting-edge research on trauma and trauma care. Students will learn how to care for trauma survivors across cultures and how to train others to do the same.

Trauma is one of our world’s most pervasive problems.

Countless souls worldwide suffer trauma from war, famine, illness, domestic violence, human trafficking, and natural disasters. Symptoms like flashbacks, addiction, and anger plague their waking moments while nightmares plague their sleep.

Without support and intervention from trauma-informed professionals, people struggle alone, uncertain how to even name what they are experiencing. If trauma is one of the modern world’s most pervasive problems, healing trauma is one of our best opportunities to serve suffering individuals from local communities around the world.

The GC-ATH prepares students to address this deep need for healing.

The program includes

  • Seven graduate courses worth eighteen credit hours
  • An online option for almost every course
  • A tailored field practicum to reinforce and refine classroom learning
  • Practical application and mentorship from experienced professionals

Dallas International University has offered the program’s foundational course, WA5383 Arts and Trauma Healing, since 2014. Participants continually request deeper training in the life-changing principles they learn during the course.

Now, through the Graduate Certificate in Arts and Trauma Healing, you can receive the in-depth training that so many students have desired in order to bring hope to a trauma-steeped world.