The Global Affairs major at Dallas International University prepares you to navigate our globalized world, fostering Christian engagement in community, media, politics, and the shaping of cultures.

What sets DIU apart from other institutions is the serious, sustained, and unrivaled international experience of our faculty.

They have lived and worked in more than 60 countries around the world, often for a decade or more. They have learned an additional language or two (or three). They have built life-long relationships with those from the local communities that they called home for a major portion of their lives. DIU faculty don’t just teach theory. They speak from on-the-ground experience.

Consider just a few of our faculty stories:

Jack Shoemaker

Jack has lived among the Esa Ejja people in Bolivia and the Ma’di people in Uganda. He studied their languages and cultures in-depth, but he didn’t stop there. Jack partnered with them in practical ways to address their felt needs. He encouraged the Esa Ejja to utilize the local education system to learn literacy and math. He helped develop a Ma’di writing system so Ma’di people could read and write in their own language. He even taught the Esa Ejja to use a diesel boat so they could reliably cart their crops to market!

You can learn from Jack’s experience through a variety of DIU courses, including IS3364 Theory and Reality of Development and AA4370 Cultural Anthropology, which are both part of the Global Affairs major.

Patrick Krayer

Patrick has spent decades of his life in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He’s had a variety of leadership roles there, from directing an eye hospital in Peshawar to specializing in English as a Second/Foreign Language at a development agency in Kabul.

Patrick possesses a depth of understanding about Islam and Central Asian culture that can only come from years of immersion. Tap into that understanding when you take the Global Affairs courses IS3363-SL Human Rights and the Middle East and AC4314-SL Modern Islamic Religions and Political Movements.

Learning from the World

DIU cares about global affairs because our faculty have worked in dozens of countries to help address a variety of challenges. We’ve learned a ton from the world as we’ve partnered with them to help forge solutions to some of their own pressing issues, and we’re ready to pass on those lessons to you.

Apply now to tap into our faculty’s remarkable global experience and prepare to partner with local communities in your own way.