So you want to contribute to making the world a better place? A degree in Global Affairs will unlock diverse and transformative career paths in the US and around the globe. 

In Business and Finance, apply your knowledge to help companies and organizations navigate the complexities of global markets. Whether driving sustainable business practices or consulting on international economic development, your role can influence economic policies for the better. 

Through Media or Journalism, become the voice that brings global issues to the forefront, informing and engaging the public on international affairs. Your insights can bridge cultures and advocate for the least of these, fostering deeper understanding and empathy across borders. 

In Law and Advocacy, leverage your understanding of international relations and globalization to navigate complex legal landscapes or represent your country on the world stage. Your expertise will be crucial in shaping laws or policies that can foster peace and cooperation within or between communities. 

With Nonprofits or Ministries, your passion and knowledge can directly support initiatives aimed at improving lives around the world. From humanitarian aid to development projects, your work will embody the essence of global citizenship and Christian engagement. 

In Government or International NGOs, shape the future through diplomacy, policy-making, or providing services in developing nations. Your contributions will be vital in addressing global challenges, promoting human rights, and enhancing cross-cultural understanding all from a faith-based perspective. 

Your journey in Global Affairs at Dallas International University can unlock many of these prospective careers either upon graduation or after further preparation in graduate level work. Your actions and insights will contribute to a more just, peaceful, and connected world.  

Apply now to embark on this rewarding path.