As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, the need for Global Affairs graduates is increasingly critical. The younger generation is poised to address and shape the future of our interconnected world in many areas. Here are just three examples of current pressing global issues that future generations must address, and how our Global Affairs major will help prepare you:

1. Economic Development and Global Poverty.

Billions of people risen out of poverty in the last century, but the end of poverty is not yet in sight. Some nations continue to develop, and certain phenomena continue to harm their development. In courses like IS1331 Principles of Economics and IS3364 Theory and Reality of Development, you will learn about how markets work, why development efforts often fail, and how Christians can advocate for the poor in responsible and compassionate ways.

Thinking responsibly means being able to navigate the complex interplay of policy, trade, and aid that foster community growth around the globe.

2. International Peace and Conflict.

Amidst a backdrop of ongoing conflicts and emerging global tensions, the need for skilled peacemakers has never been greater. Courses such as IS3341 International Relations will help you understand cooperation and tensions between nations and factors that lead to war. In IS3365 Historical Geography and Modern Societies you will learn about factors leading to shifts in nation-state boundaries over the last 200 years and the subsequent impacts on society, politics, and economics.

Studying these issues through a Christian lens will help you to become a global citizen who is always conscious of the larger scene and how your work falls into that grand picture.

3. Justice and Human Rights.

Now, more than ever, the fight for justice and human rights remains a central issue on the global stage. Students can learn about this critical issue in our IS3363 Human Rights in the Middle East, or consider the justice issues entangling the lives of immigrants and refugees in our AA4324 Foundations of Global Migration and Diasporas.

Global Affairs majors have prospective careers in law, media, and social work where they can help combat human trafficking, expose political corruption through media, or serve refugee communities. A Christian view of justice and reconciliation allows Global Affairs graduates to apply both knowledge and morality to lead initiatives that protect and promote human dignity.


Your journey in Global Affairs at Dallas International University is not just about gaining a degree; it’s about preparing to be apart of the solution to these global challenges. Learn more about our Global Affairs major or apply now to get started shaping the future.