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Hosted by The Faith & Work Project (

Organized by Todd A. Scacewater of Dallas International University

Location: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
Legacy Hotel, Room 303T

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 8am-Noon

Coffee and Light Refreshments Provided

Research Topic

The use of resources and related issues were prominent concerns in ancient ethical discourse, especially among religious writers. Jewish and Christian authors all touched on economic issues such as wealth disparity and power dynamics, charity and benevolence, work and vocation, stewardship, saving and planning, taxation and the Empire, domestic life and slavery, and more. While this discourse is spiritually powerful and relevant for Christian ethics today, it arose in a remote time and from a different social and economic structure than most citizens live in today. Historical, theological, and ethical sensitivity is therefore needed to understand these ancient sources in their own contexts and to consider how to apply their maxims or principles today.


David Kotter
“Self-interest and Greed according to Jesus and Paul”

James Hamilton
“Social Justice and the Sinai Covenant: The Literary Structure of Exodus 21–23”

John Taylor
“International Aid in the First Century: The Jerusalem Collection and Its Lessons”

João Paulo Thomaz de Aquino
“Land as a Socio-Economical Factor in Luke-Acts: A Jubilee Land Theology for the Church”

Todd A. Scacewater
“Economic Ethics in the Apostolic Fathers”

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