Dallas International University

Dallas International University

Since September 1, 2018, GIAL has been known as Dallas International University.

Dallas International University is more than a graduate school. We have expanded course offerings beyond applied linguistics, and we added a BA program in International Service four years ago. One could say we “outgrew” our name but have retained our linguistic core.

Although our name changed, we remain committed to the work of linguistics, translation, and the related fields of study.

We have organized the university around four focused centers or departments:

  • The College of International Studies – giving undergraduate students the basic skills and knowledge to serve cross-culturally
  • The Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics – as a Department now, providing the original training in linguistics, translation, minority language literacy, and Scripture engagement
  • The Abraham Center – offering studies in the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • The Center for Excellence in World Arts – training students to come alongside local artists globally, to develop their artistic genres.

At Dallas International University, located in southwestern Dallas County, Texas, since 1998, we have:

  • Awarded over 350 MA degrees in Applied Linguistics, Applied Anthropology and World Arts
  • Awarded over 450 Certificates since our opening in 1999 (apart from full master’s degrees)
  • Enrolled 250 Distance Education students in just the last eleven years.

Our graduate students come from over 400 universities in the USA, Asia and Europe before coming here.

Wouldn’t you like to join us?  You will be among friends!