Oral Translation Course – AL5308

Oral Translation Course – AL5308

“Come one, come all to Dallas International’s first course on Oral Translation!”

AL5308 Oral Translation
3 graduate credits, No prerequisites

How do people in predominantly oral societies share information?  How do they learn? Do people need to be able to read to learn a new concept? To grow in faith?

Is there really such a thing as oral translation and how is it different from written translation?

Wouldn’t reading a book out loud or even recording it, be a way to reach and teach people who don’t read? But, is hearing a book read aloud the same thing as experiencing a story? Just as speaking isn’t the same thing as reading, oral isn’t just aural.

The course will give an overview of the oral translation process and prepare the student for future work in OBT.  It will be helpful for those interested in facilitating a project, as well as those who would like to become a consultant for one, or for those who want to explore if it might be a possibility for their area.


For more information:  heather_beal@diu.edu

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