Brenda H. Boerger, PhD

Brenda Boerger

Contact Info

Phone: (972) 273-9356

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Curriculum Vitae


University of Texas at Austin
1984 Ph.D., Linguistics

SUNY Oswego
1975 B.A., Linguistics and English

Professional Experience

Dallas International University (GIAL), Dallas, Texas
2008-pres Assistant Professor

UT Arlington
2007 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics and TESOL

University of North Texas
• 2006-2008 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of English Linguistics
• 1987-2008 Advisor, Natqgu Language Project, Santa Cruz island, Temotu Province, Solomon Islands
• 1999-2006 Linguistics & Translation Consultant for Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group


English Publications

2008. 2008 Reefs-Santa Cruz as Oceanic: evidence from the verb complex, with Åshild Næss. Oceanic Linguistics 47(1):185-212.

2007. Natqgu Literacy: Capturing Three Domains for Written Language Use. Language Documentation and Conservation, University of Hawai’i. 1(2):126-153.

1998. More than a grace note. Ethnomusicology News, Volume 7(2-3):6-10.

1997a A first look at Äiwo phonology and morpho-phonemics, with implications for Äiwo orthography.” Unpublished in-house working paper.

1997b Extending Translation Principles for Poetry and Biblical Acrostics. Notes on Translation 11(2):35-56.

1996. When C, Q, R, X, and Z are vowels: an informal look at Natqgu orthography. Notes on Literacy 22(4):39-44.

1987 On reconstructing voiced aspirated stops and retroflexed stops for Proto-Gypsy, Proceedings of 1986 forum of LACUS.

1984 Proto-Romanes Phonology. Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin.

Natqgu Book Publications

2008. Nzryrngrkxtr Kc Ate, Ruth x Sam/The Later Holy Writings, Ruth and Psalms, 900 pages.

2005. Natqgu-English Diglot spelling dictionary.

2004. Buk Kc Kai Mz Natqgu/The First Book for Natqgu, (alphabet primer), editor.

2002. Be Kang Kqlu Mz Natqgu/Many Stories in Natqgu (graded reader with 43 stories and essays).

1996. Six illustrated easy readers in Natqgu.

1990. Buk ngö Be Nëyö Më Natügu/Book of Stories Written in Natqgu.


2007. “On using Welsh poetic forms to translate Hebrew poetry into English.” GIAL Academic Forum.

1998. “Musical Genres in Santa Cruz island, Solomon Islands.” Ethnomusicology class presentation.

1997. “The Connection Between Literacy and Singing in Santa Cruz Island, Solomon Islands.” Sociolinguistics round table, Dallas SIL, Dallas, TX.

1992. “A Look at Solomon Islands Pijin.” Linguistics guest lecture. University of Texas, Austin.

1992. “Phonological and Morphophonemic Rules in Natqgu.” Phonology guest lecture.

1986. “Rephonemicization before ENG: the little Texas vowel shift.” LASSO.

1984. “On reconstructing two words for ‘foot’ in Proto-Romanes.” SALA.

1984. “The reconstruction of retroflexed stops for Proto-Romanes.” UT Linguistics colloquium.

Areas of Interest

• historical & comparative – Oceanic & Indo-European, History of the English language
• structure of Natqgu
• Gypsy language and culture
• interface of linguistics and literature – translating poetry
• language documentation