Ervin Starwalt, PhD

Ervin Starwalt

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Curriculum Vitae


Greek New Testament Exegesis, Discourse/Text Analysis, Syntax and Grammar, NT Lexical Semantics, ESL, Developmental Reading and Writing, English Composition and Argument


University of Texas at Arlington

Ph.D. Linguistics (August 2005); dissertation title: A Discourse Analysis of 1 Peter.

Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Department of Linguistics: UTA, March 2001)

 Dallas Theological Seminary

STM, Greek New Testament and Literature (1986); thesis title: Human Spirit in Pauline Literature.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. New Testament studies (1976-1977).

Houston Memorial Hospital

Certified as Chaplain, Clinical Counseling (1976)

 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

MDiv., New Testament Emphasis (1975)

 University of Arkansas

BS Zoology (1971)


Languages Studied

Koiné Greek, Classical Hebrew, Spanish


Teaching and Administration

Graduate Institute of Applied Lingusitics

            Adjunct lecturer in Greek NT and Discourse (January 2014 to present)

Theological College of Northern Nigeria

            Lecturer in Greek New Testament and Linguistics (January 2010 to June 2013)

                        NT Lexical Semantics (MA Course)

                        John for Translators (MA Course)

NT Greek Exegesis (MTh Course)

                        Sermon on the Mount: More on Exegetical Process (MTh Course)

                        Exegesis in English Bible (MTh Course)

Intermediate Greek I and II (MA Courses)

                        Translating Paul (Romans) (MA Course)

                        Exegesis for Translators: Matthew (BA Course)

                        Discourse for Translators (BA Course)

                        Academic Essay Writing and Reading (BD Course)

                        Supervision of Text Collection (BA Course)


University of Texas at Arlington

Coordinator of Developmental English (Fall 2001 to May 2009)

            Involved program oversight and teaching three classes

            Classes served both native and non-native speakers of English


Oregon Summer Institute of Linguistics at Eugene, Oregon (Summer 2006)

            Course Head of Morphology and Syntax

            Course Head of Discourse Analysis


Dallas International University, Dallas, Texas (May-June 2007 and 2008)

Instructor in Greek Exegetical Process for translators


University of Texas at Arlington

TASP Liaison for UTA (Fall 2001-Spring 2003)

            Responsible for UTA compliance with state developmental law


Teaching Assistant in English

Reading Comprehension and Writing Instruction 0300 & 0301 (Summer and Fall 1999; Spring 2001–two classes computer assisted)

English Composition for Non-native Speakers 1301-ESL (Fall 2000)

Argument 1302 (Spring 1997-Fall 2000)

English Composition 1301 (Fall 1996; Spring 2000)


Substitute teacher for the English Language Institute

English communication skills, including reading and writing for students at different skill levels; included teaching classes in computer assisted classrooms (Fall 2000-Spring 2001)


Teaching Assistant in Linguistics

Grammar 3340 (Fall 1997; Spring 1999)

Grader for Linguistics 2301 (Fall 1998)

English Composition: ESL 1341 & 1342 (Fall 1998-Fall 1999)

ESL Consultant and Tutor for UTA Writing Center (Fall 1999-Spring 2000)


Tutor for the Writing Center

Tutoring students in English composition (Spring 1998)


Tyndale Theological Seminary

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies (1990-1993)

Coordinator and teacher for Tyndale Theological Seminary’s Home School Support Academy (1992-1993).


Dallas Theological Seminary

Instructor in Greek New Testament Exegesis (1984)



Workshop: Mission Strategies for Reaching the Illiterate Based on Acts; Suffering in Missions: Insights from 1 Peter. Theological Education in Africa Conference at TCNN, Bukuru near Jos, Nigeria (May, 2012).

 Seminar/Workshop in Discourse Linguistics for Translation Consultants: Nigeria Group, Jos, Nigeria. (April 2012).

 Graduate Assistants’ Training Program, English Department, University of Texas at Arlington. (August 2008, 2007, 2006). Workshop on teaching and grading Developmental Writing.

 Teacher In-Service, Hector County Independent School District (August 2007)

Training Seminar for language teachers: presentation of language learning principles and techniques.

Teacher In-Service, Hector County Independent School District (August 2005)

Guest linguist via conference call. Discussed and answered questions concerning the reading and writing process for developmental English, ESL, and standard English classes.


UTA Testing Services

Evaluated the Speak Test for non-native speakers of English (1998-Spring 2001)


UTA Writing Center

Consultant in ESL (Fall 1999-Spring 2000)

Served as a consultant to the Writing Center Director concerning problems ESL students had when tutored online and face-to-face

Developed materials (including a flow chart for tutoring ESL students) and led training sessions and workshops on ESL for the Writing Center tutors

Served as a liaison between the Writing Center and the English Language Institute

Advised and trained entry level tutors on general tutoring techniques


 UTA English Department

Consultant in ESL (1999)

Served on a committee that worked on the transfer of ESL composition courses 1341 and 1342 in the Linguistics Department to the English Department, resulting in the formation of English 1301-ESL



“The Household in 1 Peter: Family from a Contextual and Thematic View.”  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. Atlanta, 2015.

“Two Keys to Interpreting 1 Peter 2:11-3:12: Generic-Specific Hierarchy and Peak.” Paper presented at the Annual Southwest regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. New Orleans, 2015.

“Rhetorical Strategy in 1 Peter: Easing into Suffering.” Paper presented at the Annual Southwest regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. Fort Worth, 2014.

“Semantic Relations and Hortatory Discourse Template in 1 Peter 2:11-3:12: Understanding Structure and Lexical Choice. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. Baltimore, 2013.

“Connectors in 1 Peter 2:11-3:12.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, Milwaukee, 2012.

“A Longacrean Analysis of James 3:13-4:10.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, San Francisco, 2011.

“Does the Independent Participle Exist in Koiné Greek?” Paper presented at the Oregon Institute of Summer Linguistics, Eugene, Oregon, 2006.

“The Imperative Participle in 1 Peter.” Paper presented at the Dallas International University, Dallas, Texas, 2006.

“Address Forms in Junk Mail.” Paper presented at The Sixth Annual UTA Student Conference in Linguistics, 1999.

“Oun, De, Kai, and Asyndeton in John’s Gospel.” Paper presented at the Arlington Humanities Colloquium, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1998.




A Brief History of Christian Persecution: Acts to Constantine (This and the following two papers were written for the EYN Church, (Brethren Church) of northern Nigeria.)

 Persecution of Christians: Late Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries.

 Christian, Do Good: 1 Peter 2:11-3:12.

 “Connectors in Koiné Greek: The Gospel of John.” The Conservative Theological Journal 9 (1999): 134-148.

Contributed eight articles to Dictionary of Premillennial Theology. Ed. Mal Couch.Grand Rapids: Kregel, Inc., 1996. The eschatology of Numbers, Ezekiel, Daniel, the Gospels, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, and 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus.

Currently in research:

              How Greek Connectors Contribute to Discourse Understanding


Theses Supervised

MTh Theses

Aremu, Sunday Jude Alade. An overview of missions in the Acts of the Apostles and its implications for the Baptists in Abuja. TCNN: May 2013.

Ajiboye, Adesina Abraham. Christian suffering and prosperity gospel: an exegetical study of 1 Peter 3:18-25. TCNN: November, 2012.

BA Theses

Buba, Saleh. How nonprint media could be used as an effective media tool for evangelism. Case study: Shelleng local government. TCNN: April, 2013.

Markus, Jerry P. Exegesis of Acts 2: 1-13: communication with diversity of languages. TCNN: December, 2012.

 Obok, Sixtus Ogar. The effects of Bible translation on the culture of Ukele people. TCNN:  May, 2011.     

 Tanko, Allen Parson. A grammatical sketch of Mbula. TCNN: May, 2011.  

Ministry Experience

 Lecturer                                   Theological College of Northern Nigeria (January 2010-2013).

 Teacher                                   Wycliffe Bible Translators (July 2009-present).

 Faculty Advisor                   Warriors of Worship: Indian Christian Organization (2006-2009) University of Texas at Arlington.

Pastor                                         Faith Bible Church (1994) Marshall, Texas.

Committee member              Child Evangelism Fellowship. Fort Worth, Texas. (1991-94).

Committee chair                     Child Evangelism Fellowship. Fort Worth, Texas (1993-94).

 Teacher, children                   Lake Country Baptist Church (1983-84). Fort Worth, Texas.

 Director, Children’s Church,  Lake Country Baptist Church (1978-80), Fort Worth, Texas.

 Hospital Chaplain                   Houston Memorial Hospital    (1975-1976). Houston Texas.

Collegiate Minister                  University Baptist Church (summer 1972). Fayetteville, Arkansas.

 Youth Minister                         University Baptist Church (1970-71). Fayetteville, Arkansas.

 License and Ordination

 Ordained to the Ministry         McKinney Memorial Bible Church (1994). Fort Worth, Texas.

Licensed to the Ministry         University Baptist Church (1971). Fayetteville, Arkansas.