T. Wayne Dye, PhD

T. Wayne Dye

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Email: wayne_dye@diu.edu
Office: Mahler 17

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Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

Courses taught: Scripture Engagement, Multicultural Teamwork

At GIAL since 2005.

Field work: Papua New Guinea


College Degree Major subject
Fuller Seminary School of World Mission
(now called School of Inter Cultural Studies)
PhD Inter Cultural Studies
Oklahoma University-SIL summer course Linguistics
Univ. of Michigan M.A. Anthropology
Univ. of Michigan B.S.E. Civil engineering


American Anthropological Association
American Society of Missiologists
Evangelical Missiological Society


Member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and its Academic affiliate, SIL International, since 1960. Assignments have included:

Assistant Professor at Dallas International University 2009-present
Adjunct at Dallas International University 1999 to 2009
Courses include:

  • Scripture Use Strategy
  • Current Issues in Scripture Use
  • Multicultural Teamwork
  • Language Program Design and Management
  • Christianity Across Culture
  • Second Language and Culture Acquisition

Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando Campus 1 week course, January 2002
Northwest Christian College, summer 1997,  Scripture use

Adjunct Prof. of Inter Cultural Studies Fuller Seminary (one course) 1985 Calif., USA
Instructor in Inter Cultural Studies (part time) Biola University. 1980-82 Calif., USA

University of Oklahoma, Summer 1980,  cultural anthropology
SIL International Sociolinguistics Consultant (focus on Scripture Use/Engagement)       SIL     1982 to  2007

First consultant in SIL to teach Scripture Engagement (formerly called Scripture Use) and was for more than a decade the only consultant assigned this field.
scope: world

I have taught and consulted on this topic in Australia (Aborigine work), Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, India, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa Republic, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, as well as US, UK, and Germany.

Some examples:

WBT-UK Team Vision Scripture Promotion team, provided special training in relevant aspects of SU and adaptation to Kenya rural area, Jan-April 1999, June 2002

SIL Cameroon Branch, advised on Branch-wide Scripture Use plan, 1 month Nov-Dec 1998

Indian Institute of Cross Cultural Communication: one month seminar for Indians engaged in cross-cultural work. 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, teacher training 2002

New Theological College, Dehra Dun, India  3-week course January 2002
Indian Evangelical Mission, candidate training school, Bangalore, 3 weeks 1998, 2002

YWAM School of the Bible, Tyler TX: one week seminar on Christian cross-cultural communication, May 1997, January 1998, October 1998, November 1999

YWAM School of Frontier Missions, Weyerhaueser, WI September 2002
Led SIL International SU workshop, 2 weeks June 1996

Brethren and Africa Inland missions, Bangui, Central Africa Republic, one week seminar on African world view and the Gospel 1995

I have led numerous seminars at entity and project levels from 1975 until most recently 2009 Malaysia. I have led workshops or consulted in more than 30 countries.

SIL International Consultant in Anthropology 1973- present world
supervised study of indigenous Christianity in 2 tribes 1995 Central Africa Republic
Academic Services Coordinator  SIL Eastern Africa Group 1989-94 Eastern Africa, six countries
Advisor to Papua New Guinea portion of Smithsonian Institution Ethnographic Film Project 1977-78
Anthropology Coordinator, SIL-Papua New Guinea 1968-79, 1984-85 USA
Research Scholar on Program Effectiveness  SIL Int’l 1974-79 Mexico and Philippines
Anthropology Consultant SIL 1965, 1967-85 Papua New Guinea
Linguist/translator for Bahinemo ethnic group  SIL 1964-85, 1989, 2007-2008 Papua New Guinea
Academic Grant: National Endowment for Humanities 2007-2008
Documented the Bahinemo language and put the resulting material in the PARADISEC international web accessible linguistic archive


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2010 “Why Don’t Our Children Listen Any More: Village Size and Political Structure in a Papua New Guinea Village,”  Paper presented at American Anthropological Association annual meeting 2010


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Forthcoming in 2012:  T. Wayne and Sally Folger Dye. A Tale of Three Languages: Language Shift in a Micro-Context. International Journal of the Sociology of Language

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