Will Reiman

Will Reiman

Contact Info

Email: will_reiman@diu.edu
Phone: (972) 708-7400

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Curriculum Vitae


• A.S., Genesee Community College (1985)
• B.A., Roberts Wesleyan College (1987)
• M.A., University of Texas at Arlington (2004)

Current positions

• Adjunct Faculty for Applied Linguistics, GIAL
• Research Catalyst, GIAL

Other Experience

• 2012, Fall. Adjunct Faculty, University of Dallas College of Business. Taught BUAD-4307 Applied Analytic Writing.
• 2010 / 05-07 Language Documentation Team Leader, Zambezia, Mozambique. Languages: Emihavane (LON), Manyawa (MNY).
• 2010 / 03 Lead instructor, Workshop on the Fundamentals of Oral Language Documentation. Atma Jaya University, Jakarta, Indonesia.
• 2008 / 06 Lead instructor, Seminar on Language Assessment, Guinea-Bissau. Hosted by the Igreja Evangelica de Guinea-Bissau.
• 2008 / 06 Documentary linguistics seminar in Bantu languages, Ruiru, Kenya. Discussion leader, technical aspects.

Language Proficiency

• Portuguese
• English

Research Interests

• Language Documentation
• Comparative Dialectology
• Phonetics, Articulatory and Acoustic
• Culture Documentation
• Research Ethics

Selected Publications

Boerger, Brenda, Sarah Moeller, Stephen Self, and D. William Reiman. 2016. Language and Culture Documentation Manual. LeanPub first edition draft. https://leanpub.com/languageandculturedocumentationmanual

Reiman, D. William. 2010. Basic oral language documentation. Language Documentation & Conservation 4. 254-268.

Olson, Kenneth S., D. William Reiman, Fernando Sabio & Filipe Alberto da Silva. 2009. The voiced linguolabial plosive in Kajoko. Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS) 45(1).

Reiman, Duane. 2002. Findings from the sociolinguistic survey of the Lolo people. SIL International. www-01.sil.org/silesr/2002/001/SILESR2002-001.pdf (Accessed 24 May 2017.)

Selected Papers Presented

2009. Basic Oral Language Documentation. First International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation. University of Hawaii, Manoa, HI, USA.